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Skate Accessories


For figure skating, hockey or just skating in your free time, you need not only skates and sportswear, but many other accessories. Accessories for skiing will provide comfort during ice sports and will keep your equipment in good condition.


Skate Accessories: Types and Benefits


Protecting the blade from blunting and mechanical damage will help special covers. Models made of plastic are best suited for skating outside the ice. And with soft covers of interesting shape and bright colors, transportation of skates will be as convenient as possible.


To keep the shoes in good condition for a long time, they need careful care. Drying boots perfectly cope with this task. Electric models will provide rapid evaporation of moisture from the inner surface of the shoe. And the dryer-flavors will not only dry the shoe, but also fill it with a pleasant aroma.


Especially for comfortable riding, orthopedic insoles have been created that support the foot in the correct position and relieve the load from the ankle. Silicone pads on the toes prevent the appearance of corns. Protective shorts protect against injuries and bruises during workouts.


Learning how to keep balance, coordinate the position of arms and legs and as a result a spinner can master the perfect execution of rotations.


TDFK-YUG presents a wide range of accessories for skates. With us you will receive:

  • professional riding accessories from well-chosen suppliers;
  • all the necessary information when choosing a product and making a purchase;
  • ability to track order status and short delivery times.