Outfit for skaters
Russia, Rostov-on-Don
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Outfit for skaters

Outfit for skaters

• Bags. Necessary things and equipment for occupations on ice and in the hall are not located in a backpack or bag. Bags presented in our store are sewn from durable material so that the blades do not cut the fabric. Inside formed compartments for skates, clothing and equipment, as well as mesh inserts for air exchange.

• Protection for blades and boots. Plastic blade covers are used for skating outside ice. Cloth covers - used to carry and store skates. Shoe covers help prevent blade cuts, keep warm, act as a supplement to the athlete's suit for performances.

• Suit. The costumes for figure skating are made of durable, elastic thermo fabric and retain heat, and also do not interfere with the athlete to perform the elements.

• Thermal gloves. It is also necessary for training to keep warm and prevent cuts in the edge. During performances gloves are often used as a decorative element of the costume, decorated with embroidery and rhinestones.

• Cap. A cap or headband is necessary for children in the cold to protect the head and ears.

• Skates. Skates are transformed under the structure of the foot with the help of vapor-permeable materials. The pad firmly fixes the foot, which helps to keep balance when performing complex elements of figure skating - rotations and jumps.

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