How is spinner used for figure skating
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How is spinner used for figure skating

What is the use of spinners for figure skating? How to quickly form motor skills, to master jumping on the ice even at the initial stages of training? It is recommended to use spinners for figure skating. Photos of these devices demonstrate their simplicity and compactness. What is a spinner, you already know. It is a rotating device, like a top.
The spinner for figure skating serves to organize an effective training process not only in the ice arena, but also at home or in the gym. This is a kind of supporting platform, at the bottom of which there is a protrusion, the bends of the ridge blade. Thus, experts have achieved a complete similarity with the actions of the skate, which allows novice athletes to master the skill of skating without going out on the ice. Immediately it should be noted that such simulators are of two types: Spinner-disk for figure skating. Used for working out rotations. Longitudinal, in the form of foot. Helps to work out jumps and spins. These spinners can be used both by professionals and amateurs. This is what these simulators contribute to.
improving the overall physical fitness of athletes;
balancing and coordination of movements;
hardening of the vestibular apparatus;
the ability to perform various rotations: "screw", "swallow", Billman, zaklon;
saving money for paying for ice;
comfortable use at home.
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