Give the child to figure skating
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Give the child to figure skating

Is figure skating a sport or an art?

 Figure skating originated in Holland in the XII-XIV century and was a competition for drawing complex shapes on ice, while maintaining the desired posture. The idea itself is art. Just like the artist creates a picture on canvas, the figure skater paints the figures with a blade on the ice. Just skating on ice is considered fun in the winter season and does not apply to either sport or art.

 Today, figure skating is a sport that retains its grace, plasticity and strength. In order to create art on ice, an athlete sharpens lines, flexibility in choreography classes, and also devotes time to acting skills in order to show emotions on ice so that the viewer empathizes.

 Figure skating is a difficult coordination sport that requires special physical training, which is initially formed during the exercises of physical training and TFE. Important work on all fronts, according to the five criteria of physical fitness: strength, endurance, speed, coordination and flexibility.

 For a child, figure skating lessons will help improve health, develop musicality, a sense of rhythm and taste. We must not forget that if the load is distributed incorrectly or when the intensity of work is used, the child is injured. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to health from the first days of classes.

 Before you come to the section, the child undergoes medical examination and is allowed to train. Skates put children from 3 years and older. In school of figure skating accept from six. In our store and online store you get professional skates, clothes and accessories for full-fledged figure skating and related disciplines.

 Our team will help to train with comfort.

 Good luck.
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