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By cash

You can buy wholesale goods for cash at purchase in a warehouse, if you decide to pick up the goods by self. In cash, you will be issued a cash check online., the contract of sale and the waybill for the further sale of the goods

Bank card

Bank cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems are accepted for payment, the World Service is free, you do not pay any additional interest. 
You can pay for your order by Visa or MasterCard through the processing center, which carries out the acquiring terminal.

After successful payment you will receive an electronic check. The information in the check contains all the data about the payment transaction.

Gifts on Shares

If you have become the proud owner of our gifts on shares , then you just need to choose any product or service and when paying for the purchase name your Share, under which you get. If the value of the selected product or service is greater than the nominal value of the Shares, you will only need to pay the difference.

To pay in online banking

If you are a client of Sberbank, you can pay for your purchase by paying for the details of the individual entrepreneur in your personal cabin online Bank. Simple, reliable and fast.