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Skate bags and rucksacks


Skates - sports equipment, for the proper storage and easy carrying which requires a special bag. That is why every amateur or professional involved in ice sports, you need to buy a reliable bag for skates.               

Stylish and comfortable

  • Reliability. Bags or rucksacks for skates are made from waterproof fabric. That is why it is convenient to transport equipment immediately after skiing without fear; wet clothes or seat covers on vehicles. And for ventilation in all models created ventilation holes.
  • Comfort. The bag for skates differs in a special form. Durable webbing is easy to adjust to a comfortable size. And in special outer pockets it is convenient to remove accessories, sportswear items, personal belongings.
  • Design. Traditional models are made in the form of a triangle, there is also an extraordinary performance of the original colors and spectacular forms, as well as cute backpacks for skates.

Sports accessories in TDFK-YUG are:

  • sturdy and durable products with thoughtful content;
  • proven quality from professionals in the manufacture of products for sports;
  • comfortable working conditions with our online store.